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Leading the Way in Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have been core values (hyperlink to above values) at Logiaide since inception.  Our President and Founder is a minority woman and thus her personal challenges in the business world has brought her to believe empowering employees to be their whole selves at work is a competitive advantage. This is where new ideas come from and meaningful collaboration gets an authentic start.

By bringing together people with different perspectives, diverse backgrounds and real commitment to their own individuality, we have built a stronger business. Our focus on diversity also extends to our customers and service partners. By bringing together employees, customers and service partners with unique perspectives and different approaches, our diversity efforts are driving exceptional business performance.

“Our vision is to move beyond tolerance to embrace and leverage the rich dimensions of diversity. When employees tap into their diverse thoughts, talents and backgrounds they can contribute to their fullest potential and improve our shared results.”

Rosella Peterson, Founder & President